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This page is dedicated to providing you with resources, literature, and other materials (online or not) to help you expand your knowledge on a variety of topics. All of the following books, YouTube channels and other such content, I would personally recommend to anyone wishing to learn more about fitness, dieting, martial arts and other related topics.


The Book of Five Rings

Miyamoto Musashi is one of the most famous Kensei of Japan (Sword Saints). His techniques were controversial for the time, but his skill was unquestionable. This book is a perfect window into the techniques and philosophy of kenjutsu, and it makes for a fascinating read, due to the Kensei's strict demeanor and conviction being paired along with it.

Essence of Karate: The Manual by Fiore Tartaglia

This book is a must have for any karateka. Although it is mainly for those who practice Shotokan style karate, the writer, Fiore Tartaglia (a 6th Dan Shotokan Black Belt) does an absolutely fantastic job of breaking down almost every single technique in Shotokan Karate, coupled with hand-drawn illustrations, down to the most minutest of details. This includes the discussion of footwork, striking areas and targets, breathing, positioning of the hands and more. The author also gives an insightful perspective behind the purpose and meaning of Karate and his philosophy behind it.

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