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Martial Fury is a free source of information which I made to catalog studies and experiences under the realm of martial arts. This page is catered to help you find articles, which I personally write, with information on diets, workouts, techniques, history and more. Here are some of my most recent articles:

What to expect for your first BJJ competition

I recently competed at my first BJJ tournament and I had an amazing experience. It was thrilling to be on the mats, and it was a great experience to hang out with my teammates. This competition was... Read More!

Breathing exercises to improve performance

Breathing is essential - to martial arts, sports, and to life in general. The way that you breathe directly impacts your performance in cardiovascular exercise, and your recovery rate from it ... Read More!

The Taikyoku Problem

As time passes, and generations go by, it is undeniable that the world of martial arts has undergone a lot of changes since the days of traditional martial arts, such as Karate and older styles of Kung Fu. The world of fighting and techniques has changed ... Read More!

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