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The Weirdest BJJ Submissions

BJJ has a vast variety of techniques, given that incorporates them from all grappling arts such as catch wrestling, Judo, Sambo and more. But every now and then, if you delve into the web deep enough, or find the right rolling partner, you will observe some of the weirdest submissions you'll ever see - some with questionable origins, and others with a history that is completely unknown.

The Scorpion Rib Crunch

The Scorpion Rib Crunch is a body-lock submission that applies pressure and crushes the ribs of your opponent. According to the instructor, it stems from a student of Pedro Sauer. Sauer is a BJJ legend, having trained under Rickson Gracie himself, and earning the "8th degree Coral belt" as well as being voted the "Best BJJ Instructor" in the world by an online poll in 2005. As for the technique itself, it is simply unorthodox. There aren't many submissions that target the body itself. This one applies pressure on the tips of the ribs using one's knees, and crushes them.

I would be careful with this one! There are cases of people vomiting when it is applied on them, according to the demonstrator in the video.

The Boston Crab Hold

The Boston Crab is a technique that was seen used as a submission in an MMA match by fighter Jonno Mears at FCC (Full Contact Contender) 19. This move is also famously known as The Walls of Jericho, the special move of the pro wrestler Chris Jericho, currently signed with All Elite Wrestling.

The reason why this submission is so bizarre, is due to the fact that it is mostly used and known from professional wrestling. Although many doubt the real-life applications of pro-wrestling, much of its techniques are legitimate and can (at times) be used in BJJ. Keep in mind however, that spinal locks (such as this one) are illegal in most BJJ tournaments unless they are part of a choke.

The Sambo Forearm Slicer

As I wrote in my article on Sambo, Sambo is a soviet martial art that has incorporated techniques from predominantly folk, wrestling styles from multiple countries. One of its techniques (though its origins seem obscured) is the Forearm Slicer. This submission, applies pressure on the ulna and radius bones which form your forearm. It certainly lives up to its name, as it can cause a complete fracture with displacement of these bones.

I personally suffered from this injury, which required me to undergo surgery and the installation and removal of rods to straighten my arm. If you wanted to make this submission particularly nasty and painful, you could use your supporting leg to push your other leg's shin bone from behind, applying even more pressure.

The Figure 8 Arm/Wrist Lock

This submission was taught to me in a traditional jiu-jitsu class back at home. I imagined that it was well known, but after researching it online, I couldn't find a single piece of documentation for it. As a result, I was forced to apply it on a willing participant and snap a picture of it.

As you can see, this is a variation of the well known armlock, except it applies pressure on the wrist as well as the shoulder. This submission can be used to break the wrist and dislocate the shoulder simultaneously.

The world of grappling is endless. I am certain that there are so many grappling techniques and submissions that it is impossible to experience or learn them all in one lifetime. I am also certain that there will be new and innovative techniques developed with the next generation of BJJ legends and champions. I am excited to see what the future holds for grappling, and you should be too.

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