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by Ivan Germanoff

Martial Fury is a free source of information which I made to catalog studies and experiences under the realm of martial arts. This page is catered to help you find articles, which I personally write, with information on diets, workouts, techniques, history and more. Here are some of my most recent articles:

The definitive beguinner's guide to BJJ

The monster of a martial art that is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be intimidating. I first started my BJJ classes 8-9 months ago with ... Read More!

How do I train? Strength and Fat Loss

Everyone has different methods of training – these methods depend on the goals, circumstances, information, and resources available to the individual, time and a plethora of other factors. In this article, I will be outlining my training ... Read More!

Picking a new style and school

This article was a collaboration with Sensei Seth

Many of us with experience in the martial arts community will have seen the plethora of fake martial arts videos swimming around on the internet; the "martial arts" in these videos are commonly dubbed as 'bullshido'. Businesses that profit on ... Read More!

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